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[TI] 아날로그 설계 초보자 가이드

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TI에서 배포한 'Analog Electronic Design'입니다.

아날로그 회로 설계에 필요한 기초 개념들을 잘 정리해 놓은 자료입니다.




- 목차 -


1. Introduction

Why are we here

What you will learn

Review outline

2. Passive Devices





3. Active Devices

Ideal and first level real models BJT, JFET, MOSFET, VFB op amp, CFB op amp, comparator

4. Circuit Equations

Ohm’s law

Kirchoff’s laws 

Voltage divider rule

Current divider rule

Thevenin’s rule

Norton’s rule


5. Derivation of ideal op amp equation 

Use voltage divider law, Kirchoff’s law and Ohm’s law

Do inverting, non-inverting, differential, grounded component in feedback loop

6. Feedback Analysis Tools 

Block diagrams 

Bode plots

7. Stability

Stability equation

VFB op amp equations

Second order equations

Overshoot and stability

Phase margin

Oscillation and Oscillators

8. VFB Op Amp Compensation

Dominant pole

Feed forward


Compensated attenuator

9. CFB Op Amp Analysis

Derive the equations

Stability Analysis

10. Circuit Board Layout

Ground Plane

Decoupling capacitors

Parallel traces

Faraday shield


Differential versus single-ended

11. Non-Ideal Conditions

Offset voltage

Error versus frequency

Common-mode rejection versus frequency 

Output swing-versus frequency, load, and distortion


12. Single-Supply Op Amp Applications 

Biasing calculations 

Computer calculations 

13. Circuits High Speed Amplifier Applications

Communications circuits 

Imaging circuits 

Video/multimedia circuits 

Instrumentation circuits

14. Converter Basics

Digital math

Basic DAC theory and configurations

Basic ADC theory and configurations

Error definitions and curves

15. Converter Applications

Communications circuits

FIFO circuits

ATS systems circuits

WLL circuits

Low frequency applications circuits

16. Power Applications

LDO circuits 

Power distribution circuits 

DSP power supplies

DC/DC converters

Battery management circuits



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