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food safety/audit업무 = 매장 제품 품질관리 담당자를 찾습니다.

food safety/audit업무 = 매장 제품 품질관리 담당자

Reporting to the QRO Manager, the incumbent will assume the following set of key responsibilities:

@ Conduct internal audit in regard to food safety and sanitation practices/design regularly based on cooperate standards. 
@ Coordinate the development and delivery of quality and food safety training for Haagen-Dazs’ shop management.
@ Review local regulation requirement and compliance for the imported foods, packaging materials, and utensils.
@ Develop packaging label for imported product in compliance with local food regulation.
@ New ingredient supplier’s quality assessment for shops and ice-cream cake kitchen through physical food safety, GMPs, sanitation audit and documentation audit. 
@ 키친 오딧 - 정해진 기간에 회사 내규에 따라 식품 안전과 위생이 잘 진행이 되고 있는지 오딧
@ 샾 오딧 - 한국 **** 샾
제품 보관하는 냉장고
아이스크림 스쿱, 식기 상태 오딧
@ 리포트 작성 후 보고 
@ 완제품 수입_제품 케이스 영어(영양성분 / 원 재료명 / 한국어 스티커, 법규 내용체크
@ 아이스크림 케익 제조과정(과일 등) 공급업체에서 받는 과일이 안전한지 위생적으로 깨끗한지 관리 

The individual will be offered and expected to take on a high level of responsibility regardless type of employment.

@ Candidates must have experience in food safety audit and food regulatory affairs.
@ Working knowledge of food preservation, regulatory requirements, and sanitary management is preferred.
@ 3-5 years of related work experience is required.
@ Basic English speaking skills is preferred.
@ Cross-functional collaboration skills

1차 서류전형
2차 pre-interview
3차 인사부 차장 인터뷰
4차 현업 부서 인터뷰

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문의 02-598-2333

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